Canyoning Course

  • Learn the specific techniques to descend in a self-sufficient and safe way canyons of different difficulties.
  • Reading and interpretation of canyoning maps.
  • Permission management.
  • Different techniques for setting up abseils depending of the situation and/or canyon.
  • Evaluation and control of the jumps
  • Slides
  • Use of the specific material
  • Water theory. Risk detection.
  • Location: Rio Verde (Otivar) + Lentegí (Otivar)

    Duration: 2 jornadas (15h))

    Other material needed: Comfortable clothing and sport shoes or boots

    Material included:

    • Harness, helmet, wet suits, securing devices, ropes, eights and other auxiliary material needed for the activity
    • Qualified guides
    • Care Insurance and Liability
    • Permissions

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