Lagunas del Padul

Beautiful trail along a somewhat less known part of the Granada mountains and blending parts of secondary road with dirt trails.
It is very demanding technically but requires pedaling between 5 and 6 hours, so it is not a route for beginners.
Crosses an old railway line, the Roman road used to transport millstones from a nearby quarry, springs and ponds Padula own, and the area where the famous mammoth tusk was found.
The route has a total of 52.6 km of road and land and a vertical drop 725 mtrs.

Location: Granada, Padul
Dificulty: Medium
Phisical level: Medium
Duration: 6 hours
Material needed: Comfortable sport shoes or similar, sports clothes.

Service and material included:

  • Mountain bike, helmet, safety and common material assistance
  • Trained guides
  • Assistance insurance. Civil liability insurance
  • Permissions

From 2 to 3 persons: 45 euros each
More than 4 persons: 35 euros each