Sima de los maderos

The perfect cave to enter the world of caving. In the town of Nivar, between the old trenches of the Spanish Civil War and overlooking the dam and saws Cubillas Parapanda, Elvira and Sierra Nevada.
With an entry rappel 20 meters down a perfectly affordable for the general public but not exempt from the beauty of the cave opening. Develops between stalactites and stalagmites with some destrepes between rock aided by a rope. Find the remains of an old scaffold prospecting which give name to the gulf.

Location: Alfaguara, Granada
Phisical level:Low
Duration: 1/2 journey
Participants: At least 2 People
Material needed: Comfortable sport shoes or similar, sports clothes.

Service and material included:

  • helmet, harness, ropes and security material.
  • Trained guides
  • Assistance insurance. Civil liability insurance
  • Permissions

1 person: 60 euros
From 2 to 3 persons: 50 euros each
More than 4 persons: 40 euros each