Rise to Trevenque

For those who want to find a route involving a challenge and are not afraid of them offer the slope climb the hill of Trevenque of 2083m in height, some of the most beautiful villages of Sierra Nevada.
They are about 40km left behind views across Granada, via La Zubia, Summit Greens, put aside The Alayos and most parts of the Natural Park among pines, oaks, thyme and rosemary.

Location: Granada
Dificulty: Hard
Phisical level: Hard
Duration: 5 hours
Material needed: Comfortable sport shoes or similar, sports clothes.

Service and material included:

  • Mountain bike, helmet, safety and common material assistance
  • Trained guides
  • Assistance insurance. Civil liability insurance
  • Permissions

1 person: 55 euros
From 2 to 3 persons: 35 euros each
More than 4 persons: 25 euros each