Vivak Nature S.L.

Active tourism and adventure sports company born from the crossroads of two mountain lovers addicted to the sensations that nature provides.
Always in favor of bringing this world to whoever wanted it, the time has come to go further creating Vivak Nature, with the same values ​​as the people who form it, sharing ideals focused on the passion for the mountain, sport, nature and the adrenaline.
How could it be otherwise, sustainability becomes the key factor in the development of this project, actively participating in safeguarding and maintaining the world around us with decisions such as collaborating with local commerce, working with ethical banking (Triodos Bank) , not having motor activities or giving free workshops on recycling, ecological and environmental culture.

And what about security? How and why should you trust us? In addition to being climbers and experts in risk sports with more than 15 demonstrable years of experience we must add that we only work with the main brands of materials (Petzl, Seland, Beal, Fixe and Climbing Technology), that we have a class C insurance (maximum coverage), that our offer in training courses is the most comprehensive and complete and that the training of our monitors has been carefully chosen and, of course, they have the qualification required by law.

Last but not least, regarding safety, we do not work, we have never done it and never will, with Groupon and other low-cost pages, which only worsen (and much) the safety and quality of the service.
We intend with this attitude that Vivak Nature gradually becomes a synonym for mountain safety.
From Vivak Nature we want to encourage and welcome you to this addictive world of sports in nature and remember that you do the activity you do and do it with who you do it, there are two fundamental premises that you must demand: Responsibility and sustainability.

Training center accredited by the Junta de Andalucía

Vivak Nature S.L. It is a training center accredited by the Junta de Andalucía with number 56473, to provide official training courses of "Guide of Dry or Aquatic Canyons", as well as "Speleology Guide".

The Certificates of Professionalism are official titles issued by the SEPE (Public State Employment Service), valid throughout the National Territory.
With Vivak Nature S.L. You can become an official canyoning guide and an official caving guide, valid to work throughout Spain.

In our center we have the only ICOpro Level 2 Instructor in Spain, which also is HMI (Head Manager ICOpro) of Vivak Nature S.L.

Centro de formación Vivak Nature S.L. – SEPE

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